Example Trigger Images

Scan each image with the Artifact app to launch a different VR or AR experience.

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Emerge / Pacific Rim

Watch the Virtual Jaeger come to life in this Augmented Reality on-pack promotion.


Welcome to the Bone Yard. Fight to survive an endless horde of skeleton attackers.

Focus on each attacker to aim and fire your crossbow. How long will you last?

Welcome To Artifact

Scan our business card and it opens up, revealing an interactive AR guide to some of the uses of Augmented and Virtual Reality.

Swimming With Dolphins

Lose yourself in an underwater experience. Relax to the sounds of the ocean surrounded by dolphins and curious fish.

Calming, meditative and we promise 100% shark free.

Virtual Kitchen Designer

Use VR to visualise and customise environments. High quality realtime 3D graphics and realtime reflections.

As you look around the scene, customisable areas will highlight. Each area allows you to edit an aspect of the scene.

Interactive Storytelling

An experiment in virtual storytelling, Project Nope was created to test concepts and interface ideas based around creating an immersive environment and puzzle solving.

Trigger the correct objects to move the story along.

Virtual mannequin

View new fashion ideas in a whole new way. Scan an Artifact enabled article and a virtual mannequin pops from the page in three dimensions.

Rotate the outfit, choose from different colourways and use the snap & share feature to send a photo of the outfit to friends via social media.

Spitfire Virtual Unboxing

Watch the iconic Spitfire model come together in interactive 3D animation.